Bioceramic Pioneer Award

Paul Ducheyne

Bioceramic Pioneer Award - Paul Ducheyne

Dr. Ducheyne has dedicated close to 40 years serving the bioceramics community. In 1993 Paul organized the Bioceramics symposium in Philadelphia, only the second to be organized in the US, and he continued to support the bioceramics and biomaterials community all over the years. Shortly after, this is in 1994, the Society for Biomaterials elected him as its President. His visibility in bioceramics led the SFB to continuously recognize his achievements, most recently with the Founders Award (2015).

One of the major achievements of Professor Ducheyne is training pioneering leaders in bioceramics. Among many fellows who passed through his lab, Dr. Ducheyne served as the mentor for Professor Ishikawa, the current treasurer and former president of the ISC who was a postdoctoral fellow with him. Dr. Ducheyne also served as Ph.D. advisor for Dr. El-Ghannam, the current president of Bioceramics 28. Dr. Ducheyne has many publications and edited many biomaterials books. His papers have been cited about 11,000 times, and his ten most visible publications, which include papers elucidating the fundamental mechanisms of bioactivity, about 3000 times. The wealth of knowledge and literature generated by Dr. Ducheyne’s laboratory were paralleled only by his significant efforts in translating biomaterials research into medical devices. In fact, Paul has established three successful Biotech companies.

Hironobu Ohnishi Memorial Award of ISCM

Hironobu Ohnishi Memorial Award of ISCM - Takashi Nakamura

The ISCM Board has awarded the Hironobu Ohnishi Memorial Award to Dr. Takashi Nakamura of Kyushu University.